• Posted on Aug 1, 2017

How often do you see cars parked in front of homes and businesses with big price tags on their windows? This is obviously an easy, cheap way to advertise that your car is for sale! There are other ways to advertise that you are selling your car privately, many of which will get responses from interested buyers.

If you’re living in an apartment or dangerous area, leaving your car out in front of your house might not work. In fact, no matter how you go about it, selling your car privately comes with lots of hassles.

Here’re a few reasons why you should avoid selling your car privately:

You’ll have to deal with time wasters There are lots of car window shoppers out there. Once you start advertising your secondhand car, you are bound to meet a lot of non-serious buyers who will just waste your time.

Then you’ll have to deal with negotiations People can be very opportunistic. You’ll have to negotiate with interested buyers and show them the car a couple of times before they decide to buy it. This can be a huge headache, especially if potential buyers pull out of a deal last-minute or ask for odd payment plans and deals.

It can also be dangerous If you aren’t experienced at selling cars, you are a target for scams or scaly deals, which aren’t ideal. Meeting strangers that show interest in buying your car can also pose many safety risks for you.

Unfortunately, even if you sell your car to someone you know, you will probably end up selling it for less than you originally wanted to; plus, you may have to deal with them complaining about issues they have with the car.

And then there’s the paperwork There’s quite a bit of paperwork involved in selling a secondhand car, which can become quite a headache. Registration, insurance, finance and other documents need to be provided to the new owner; plus, the car needs to be transferred and registered under the new owner’s name.

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