• Posted on Jun 8, 2018

A car is probably one of the most significant purchases you will make. Although everyone dreams of buying a car with their hearts, the economic reality is that you need to buy with your head. You thus need to think about not only buying the car best suitable to your needs now but also what will be the best when it is time to sell the car again. You need to weigh up the pro’s & cons of each car you are looking at and decide accordingly.

The second-hand market usually follows the new car market, i.e. the new cars in demand typically indicate the demand for second-hand cars. Keeping in mind that you will only sell your car in a few years’ time, the safest option seems to be the main strain manufactures and their popular models. The second-hand buyer looks for cars that are cost-effective (right buying price vs a reasonable selling price & what do I get for my money), economical in use and easy to maintain (services and parts costs).

In South Africa, the popular manufacturers year after year seem to be Toyota and Volkswagen. The Toyota range includes almost all of their models, but the Etios, Corolla, Fortuner and Hi-Lux models are especially popular. For Volkswagen the Vivo Polo, Polo and Golf ranges remain their best sellers. Recently, Ford re-entered with their Fiesta and EcoSport. The Ranger has been gaining ground in the second-hand market recently but it doesn’t fair as well as the Toyota Hi-Lux. The Kia Picanto and the Hyundai i10 remains a favourite in the small car market. The bigger Huyandi models (i20, iX35 & Tucson) also feature prominently. The hatchbacks (40%) are still preferred over the sedan (25%).

The luxury car market remains somewhat of a niche market. The opinion remains that once you’ve entered this market, you either need to stay there or expect to lose some value when trying to sell your car second-hand. The Mercedes Benz C-Class is the best performer currently in this market.

The colour of your car also influences the price and ease of selling it in the second-hand market White cars seem to be thee all-time favourite and has a reputation of being a colour with lower cost for maintenance, scratch repair etc. Silver and Blue care are also clear favourites.

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